FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


3R is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, one of the nation’s pioneer cities in green building. With our office nestled in Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District, we are proud the be among many nationally recognized green buildings such as, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden, as well as The Tower at PNC Plaza. Additionally, Pittsburgh is currently the largest Architecture 2030 District working to reach aggressive energy and water reduction goals by 2030. It is this culture of positive change and innovation that helps fuel our drive for creating more sustainable buildings here… and around the globe.
Given the nature of the business and our international language capabilities, we can work with clients anywhere in the country and around the globe. Some services, however, do require on-site visits. If that’s the case we can easily accommodate the Midwest and East Coast regions. If presented the right opportunities to expand our service area, we would be pleased to provide on-site services on a broader scale.


Definitely, get in touch with us. We can set up a call to learn more about your building and its attributes. Then, we run through a project checklist to see the potential level of certification for your project. More often than not, many projects are already doing great things and a few adjustments can get a project right on track towards LEED certification.
Can 3R help us even though we have already submitted for one round of LEED review?
Even if you have been handling the LEED documentation for your project in house, we can jump in to help. We offer LEED documentation services that cover a variety of situations. We can assist by completing a review of your completed documentation prior to your final LEED submittal, help complete the LEED documentation for the Construction Phase or any other phase of review, or evaluate the probability of your credit getting awarded in an Appeal review.
What can you do if our project has gone through all rounds of LEED review and we still need points?
We can review your project documentation to identify any missed opportunities for points and develop strategies for pursuing the additional points to get you to the certification threshold your project requires.


What value can an energy model bring to a project other than LEED points?
An energy model analysis performed early in the design process can optimize the energy efficiency of the design during the period in which design changes are the least expensive. In other words, the energy model provides the most value at the beginning of the project even though it is typically done at the end of the project.
I have an existing building that uses a lot of energy. How can 3R help make my building more energy efficient?
3R offers comprehensive energy modeling, energy auditing, and basic building diagnostics to help you determine how to improve your building’s performance and what your most cost effective options are. 3R can provide guidance when retrofitting a building’s systems such as, a new envelope, HVAC, Lighting, etc.
I heard Pittsburgh has new requirements for benchmarking my building. Is this something 3R can assist with?
Yes, new legislation requires owners of nonresidential buildings over 50,000 square feet to submit complete whole building energy and water usage to the city on an annual basis. 3R can assist in the benchmarking process by helping with the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, deciphering the benchmarking results, and determining ways to help make the building more efficient.

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