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LEED Project Consulting

The U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® green building program is the preeminent program for the design, construction, maintenance, and operations of high-performance green buildings. Learn more at usgbc.org/LEED. The 3R team provides extensive knowledge of the LEED certification process from registration to certification. Our team has reviewed 5,000 LEED projects, so we have seen it all and we know how to best get a project certified.  We have been involved with all building types from schools to airports to multi-million square foot Class A office buildings to multi-family apartments and everything in between.

If LEED isn’t the path your project wants to follow, our consultants can help determine if another path better suits your needs. The WELL Building Standard® (WELL), Living Building Challenge, Parksmart, and Green Globes are all green building certification options that our consultants can help navigate with your team.

Whether your project is pursuing v3 (2009) or v4 certification, 3R can help. Our consultants establish a partnership with your team to define an efficient path to certification while meeting your key project goals of increased building asset value, design integrity, and sustainable solutions.

Energy Modeling

Our energy modeling experts can evaluate your existing model to assist in resolving issues or they can provide start-to-finish energy modeling for your building projects. We are familiar with all of the ASHRAE requirements, if you require an energy model for your LEED project, as well as the International Green Construction Code and California Title 24, if a model is needed for local code compliance.

Our modelers can simulate multiple options for your building, to assist in determining the cost-effectiveness of a proposed strategy, from mechanical systems to wall construction, or to provide an estimate in the reduction of energy use based on design options or energy efficiency improvements.

LEED Feasibility Study

Companies pursue LEED certification for a number of reasons: realizing financial benefits (cost/energy/tax savings), improving the health and productivity of occupants, and positively impacting the environment, are just a few.  Whether it’s an existing building or new construction, with a feasibility study we can help you determine the most efficient path to certification, with the greatest return on your investment.

Utility Bill Audit

Billing errors and changes in rates and plans can go unnoticed for much longer than they should. This results in over-spending on utility bills. The expert team at 3R will conduct a thorough analysis of your utility/energy invoices to uncover errors and help you discover rate plans that may generate further savings.


With tools like EnergyStar Portfolio Manager, we can determine the energy performance of your building and identify how it compares with similar buildings or with other buildings within your portfolio. This valuable information can assist in establishing trends within your operation and provides a starting point for determining capital improvements aimed at increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy costs.

2030 Districts & Pittsburgh’s Benchmarking Ordinance

Pittsburgh is our home and we are committed to making the city an even better place to call home! 3R can assist you in reporting and reducing your energy and water usage with Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager as a part of the requirements of the benchmarking ordinance for the city of Pittsburgh. The ordinance broadens the voluntary program, known as the Pittsburgh 2030 District, which aims to cut energy and water usage by half by the year 2030.

The gallery of images to the left shows the Pittsburgh 2030 Districts of Downtown and Oakland, that have voluntarily committed to reporting. Buildings that are now required to report include non-residential buildings of 50,000 SF or greater within Pittsburgh city limits. Contact 3R today if you have questions or need assistance reporting!

Integrated Process Optimization

When including our team in the early stages of pre-design, we will review and understand the owner’s project requirements, then analyze the strategies that support high-performance and cost-effective design.

AIA and USGBC-Accredited Training

Earn continuing educations hours and take the complexities out of green building standards with our AIA and USGBC-approved training courses. 3R training facilitators hold LEED AP credentials, LEED Reviewer Certificates, and know exactly how to help. 3R training is ideal for architects, engineers, contractors, developers, and facility managers working in the commercial construction and design industry.

Commissioning (Cx)

The 3R commissioning experts bring years of experience in design, new buildings, commissioning, and retro commissioning. Our team can verify that your Owner’s Requirements and the Basis of Design are followed to ensure your building performs to the optimum level of your design.

Commercial Energy Audits

Our energy specialists can provide an energy assessment of your building to identify opportunities to reduce energy use and help reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Pre-submittal LEED
Document Review

As part of our services as your LEED Consultant, or as a stand-alone service, our team can assess all of your completed LEED documentation prior to formal submission to identify any errors or potential issues. With our extensive review experience, we are very familiar with the credit requirements and are able to provide a pre-submittal evaluation in an effort to minimize the number of formal review comments received.


Our expertise and extensive knowledge of the LEED certification process enables us to provide an on-going review of project documentation to ensure a well-coordinated project that is consistently documented across all credits. Well-organized documentation is a key factor for successful certification.

Appeal Review
Documentation Guidance

We understand that the Appeal Review process can be frustrating to a project team and costly, both in time and money. 3R can provide guidance and assist you in resolving any outstanding issues that may be delaying your building’s LEED certification. Our consultants have a great deal of experience in the appeal process and can offer insight and solutions to get your prerequisites and credits awarded.

U.N. Global Compact Member

3R and its parent company are proud participants in the U.N. Global Compact. This is the world's largest corporate social responsibility initiative with 13,000 corporate participants and other stakeholders in over 170 countries. The U.N. Global Compact and its signatories are deeply invested and enthusiastic about working towards global Sustainable Development Goals by adopting sustainable and socially responsible policies and reporting on their implementation.

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