3R Announces Release of Free Decarbonization Guide for Sports and Entertainment Venues

Pittsburgh, PA — 3R Sustainability is proud to share the Green Sports Alliance (GSA) Playbook: Decarbonizing Energy in Sports and Entertainment Venues—an open-source guide to decarbonization for sports and entertainment venues.

3R’s energy, climate, and built environment experts worked closely with the team at GSA to develop this tool.

“This Playbook is an important step towards preparing today’s sports and entertainment venues for the energy transition, coming regulatory environment, and the future of the grid,” said Jason Clark, 3R Sustainability Managing Director of Built Environment.

The Playbook features:

Frameworks and methodologies to minimize carbon footprints specific to the sports and entertainment industry
Actionable recommendations from experts on how venues can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)
Real-world case studies that demonstrate solutions, opportunities, and challenges that venues may face on their decarbonization journey

The Playbook offers a holistic approach to decarbonization strategies and covers how venue design, construction, maintenance, and operations impact carbon emissions.

The Playbook can be downloaded on GSA’s website free of charge.

“Decarbonization is the way forward. It’s important that valuable resources, like this Playbook, are accessible to decision makers to frame their approach to a complex topic,” said Clark.

Click here to see the Playbook.

3R Sustainability can guide your venue’s decarbonization efforts and add value to your business. Contact us.