3R ranked among top 1% of global companies for sustainability by EcoVadis

Pittsburgh, January 12, 2024: 3R Sustainability ranked among the top 1% of global companies for corporate sustainability by EcoVadis, earning a platinum medal.

“3R’s platinum designation from EcoVadis affirms our commitment to social and environmentally responsible business practices,” said 3R President Jana Lake.

EcoVadis, the world’s most trusted provider of sustainability ratings, assesses companies’ performance in the categories of environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. 3R scored highly in all four categories.

3R’s high score in the category of environment reflects the company’s commitment to minimizing its own environmental footprint and its clients’. To achieve this, 3R focuses on reducing the company’s and its clients’ greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the global movement toward green buildings, helping clients reduce their environmental impacts, and advising clients on holistic nature-based solutions.

3R especially stood out in the category of labor and human rights, earning a score of 90 out of 100. As outlined in 3R’s 2023 Sustainability Plan, the company is dedicated to promoting transparency, development, diversity and well-being for its employees and the employees of its clients.

3R is an EcoVadis Strategic Training Partner and maintains 20+ EcoVadis Approved Consultants on the team. The 3R team brings value to organizations by guiding them through a holistic discovery process and supporting them through the EcoVadis questionnaire. Click here to learn more about 3R’s EcoVadis services.

EcoVadis Platinum Medal Sustainability Rating Top 1%