LEED Project Series – Part 3

Project Tips for Categories IP, SS, and LT

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Webinar Description

As a part of a LEED project team, you will be responsible for documenting your project in order to submit for review and ultimately, to achieve LEED certification. There are seven credit categories in the LEED Rating systems from which you can document criteria and attempt points. In each of these categories, there are prerequisites or credits that are regularly submitted with documentation issues that can be easily avoided with a better understanding of the requirements.

This session will focus on the Integrative Process (IP), Sustainable Sites (SS), and Location and Transportation (LT) credit categories.

Learning Objectives

Completion of the class will provide attendees with insight and understanding of the following topics:

  • Documentation specific to the IP, SS, and LT credits
  • Clarification of the rating system requirements
  • Common errors and troublesome documentation
  • Use of publicly provided USGBC guidance