LEED Project Series – Part 1

The Executive Overview

Check out 3R’s first in a seven part series exploring LEED requirements and planning for a successful LEED project submission. Then, head over to www.SRICourses.com to register for the free upcoming episodes.

Webinar Description

In the larger picture of sustainability, the built environment is a component that can have a significant impact on your organization’s overall CSR Plan. By pursuing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification for your new and existing facilities, your company is affirming that you are conscious of the impact your buildings have on the planet and that you are enhancing your facilities to minimize that impact.

The LEED Certification program is a third-party review process that allows owners of eligible buildings to pursue certification based on the sustainable attributes of the building and site. LEED certification is an official recognition that your building meets the requirements of the United States Green Building Council’s LEED Rating Systems.

This LEED Project Executive Overview webinar introduces you to the key components of the LEED and provides an overview of the certification process to enable your organization to make an informed decision regarding pursuing LEED certification.

Learning Objectives

Completion of the webinar series provides attendees with insight and understanding of the following topics:

– What is LEED
– The LEED Rating Systems
– The LEED Certification process
– The data behind the business case for green building
– Lessons learned
– Additional incentives for LEED certification
– Resources available to you moving forward