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Advancing Sustainability in Sports

Sports Industry Experience

3R has partnered with sports teams and the Green Sports Alliance to develop and advance team and stadium sustainability initiatives through strategy, planning and reporting of environmental, social and governance (ESG) actions and accomplishments.  

3R has deep research and experience in the sports industry, including NFL, NBA, MLB, and European sports teams and their stadiums, and has studied the ESG requirements being asked of sporting venues for hosting major sport and other events. We leverage industry analysis and benchmarking work as a first step in understanding our clients’ current state and greatest opportunities within the sports industry. In concert with stakeholder engagement across teams, fans and facility management, 3R defines the impact areas that are most material to each organization and ties them to increasing business value. The identified impact areas serve as the foundation for a prioritized sustainability strategy and plan, setting goals and targets to measure success in these areas. 3R then works with clients to implement and integrate programs, from operational improvements and building enhancements to communication and education, in order to realize progress towards goals. 

3R also develops Sustainability Impact Reports that communicate the impact our clients have on the environment, people, and community, and the progress they are making toward their goals. 3R has created team/stadium Sustainability Playbooks that provide both a summary of ESG actions and a roadmap of recommended steps to continue to increase positive ESG impacts. Sustainability Reporting, whether for internal use only or for external communications, is unique to the teams and venues we work with and is tailored to transparently highlight current impacts and plans for improvement while celebrating the great work already accomplished. 

Through our partnership with the Green Sports Alliance, 3R was instrumental in the development of the GSA “Ready to Play” Playbook, which is a resource that was created for sport venues to reopen safely and sustainably after COVID shutdowns. 3R’s decades of experience in the Built Environment mean we have the expertise to drive operational and facility-level excellence. We routinely help our clients in all industries with energy, waste and water audits, as well as overall utility efficiencies and optimization. Whether the end goal is certification or overall performance improvement, 3R can help facility owners and managers to realize the value of sustainability.

Public Project Highlights 

GSA partner in publication of Green Sports Alliance Ready to Play Playbook.


Have included:

  • Materiality Assessment
  • Industry and Gap Analysis
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Impact Identification
  • Target Setting
  • Sustainability “Playbook” / Plan
  • Sustainability Impact Report