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Comfort Systems USA

Comfort Systems USA, Inc. (“Comfort Systems”) is a leading nationwide building service provider for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing building systems. Recognizing its opportunity to create a greater positive impact for its employees, customers, and other stakeholders, Comfort Systems engaged 3R in 2020 to identify and prioritize its sustainability efforts to realize maximum value.

3R conducted stakeholder mapping and engagement via surveys, interviews and industry research while assessing current operations and business objectives of the company, including its 35+ operating companies. After determining the most material topics, 3R and Comfort Systems worked together to establish a sustainability strategy and roadmap, baseline metrics, set key performance indicators (KPIs), and define success in areas with environmental, social, and governance impacts.

These newly defined KPIs and initiatives supplemented various case studies and the current state of Comfort Systems, as detailed within its very first sustainability report—a GRI Core Compliant report published in June of 2021. The partnership is ongoing, as 3R is assisting Comfort Systems to operationalize its recommendations and build sustainability into the company’s operations, culture, and daily decision making to demonstrate its increased commitment to sustainability.


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Project Details:

Project Type:
CSR Report Creation and Sustainability Planning

Company Size:
~10,000 employees

January 2021-June 2021



  • Gap Assessment
  • Materiality Assessment
  • 2020 GRI Core Compliant Report