EcoVadis, Supply Chain Assessment

Project Description:

3R was hired to assist a company with its 2019 EcoVadis submission. EcoVadis is a worldwide trusted provider of business sustainability ratings for global supply chains. The EcoVadis platform allows an organization to assess the environmental, social and ethical risks and efforts associated within its supply chain and business model.

In 2018, our client submitted its first EcoVadis questionnaire, completed in-house, and received a silver-level certification, placing the company into the 61st percentile within its industry. As a manufacturer of corrugated paper and paperboard, our client provides packaging to top global cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies. Some of our client’s top buyers have started requiring a higher EcoVadis score, which was what prompted our client to seek our services.

3R performed a gap assessment which included a deep-dive into our client’s 2018 EcoVadis submission to identify missing information and areas that needed the most attention. Next, 3R conducted a materiality assessment that pinpointed topics most important to our client’s stakeholders, which helped set goals and targets for the entire organization. From there, 3R spearheaded the formalization process of company policies, procedures, and reports to prepare for the 2019 submission.


Having efficiently and cohesively communicated, met hard deadlines, and closely collaborated with our client, 3R submitted the 2019 EcoVadis questionnaire. Our client was awarded a gold certification, landing them in the 92nd percentile of all companies assessed by EcoVadis in their industry. The deliverables for this project included:

  • An Environmental Policy
  • A Sustainable Procurement Policy
  • Company Handbook updates
  • A Corporate Social Responsibility Report
  • A Materiality Assessment
  • A Metrics Tracker (including metrics for environmental, labor and human rights, ethics, and procurement)

Project Details:


Rating System Type:

Company Size:
~200 employees

June 2019-September 2019


  • Consulting
  • Gap Assessment
  • Document Creation
  • Rating System Submittal