Manticore Fuels



Project Description:

3R was contracted by Manticore Fuels to assist in advancing its sustainability programming and communication and assist in preparing for its first submission to the EcoVadis Supply Chain assessment.

The project consisted of conducting a gap assessment of Manticore’s current operations, policies, and programming against what EcoVadis would expect for Manticore’s industry. 3R gave additional consideration to Manticore’s customer requests and expectations as well as Manticore’s internal business objects to provide the most impactful recommendations for improvements.

3R worked with Manticore to then identify impact areas via a materiality analysis, baseline current performance and set goals in each impact area. After collecting various case studies to communicate the great work Manticore is already doing, an Impact Report was created to demonstrate current operations. For Manticore’s internal use, 3R concurrently created a prioritized action plan with measurable targets to encourage continuous improvement.

With newly adopted and/or amended policies, goals, and communication tools, 3R worked with Manticore Fuels to establish the management approach of each deliverable. From there, all relevant documents were uploaded with its management approach to the EcoVadis online platform.

Upon project completion, Manticore Fuels was awarded Silver level recognition scoring higher than or equal to the score of 86 perfect of all companies rated be EcoVadis.

View the Manticore Fuels Impact Report Here.

Project Details:

Project Type:
EcoVadis Preparation and Submission 

April – June 2021 



  • EcoVadis Submission
  • Impact Report
  • Materiality Analysis
  • Sustainability Plan