PR: 3R awarded 1st Place in Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge


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March 22, 2019 (Pittsburgh, PA) – 3R Sustainability awarded First Place in Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge

3R Sustainability was awarded first place in the 2018 Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge in the Micro Business Division. More than 100 organizations throughout southwestern Pennsylvania participated in the 13-month Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge and were recognized at the Awards Celebration at PNC Park on Thursday evening. 3R is thrilled to be atop the list of most sustainable organizations in Pittsburgh.

Jana Lake, 3R Sustainability President, reflects, “Participating in the Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge was a fun and thrilling opportunity for us to expand our horizons and take action. It is a goal of 3R to set an example of what a good global corporate citizen can be and demonstrate leadership in sustainability here in Pittsburgh. As a Corporate Responsibility and Built-Environment consulting firm, 3R naturally and proudly practices the sustainable concepts we deliver to our clients. We took the opportunity to formalize and document many of the great things we already had in place. Our driven and passionate team enjoyed making this accomplishment possible.”

This points-based challenge enabled organizations to track sustainability performance and receive positive recognition for achievements. Noteworthy actions by 3R include:

  • 3R Sustainability, under parent company SRI Registrar, became a JUST Organization and B Corp certified company. The International Living Future Institute’s (ILFI) JUST™ Program provides a transparent platform of disclosure, a “nutrition label”, for socially responsible organizations and corporations. Certified B Corporations are leaders of a global movement of companies using business as a force for good. Certified B Corps meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability
  • A couple ways 3R showed support for local community organizations was by using only Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants for corporate events and contributing to VOICe, a local charity supporting victims of domestic violence, throughout the year
  • The organization had a waste audit conducted, documented its composting program, and officially implemented an environmentally-friendly purchasing policy to reduce waste
  • The team documented its maintained Energy Star Portfolio Manager account and created an energy strategy and improvement plan to address and improve energy use in their space
  • A 3R Sustainability Team was formally created to manage programs at its locations and, from the team, training to educate employees about sustainability topics and policies began
  • The area in which 3R had exemplary performance was the air quality category. Focusing on the quality of air where employees live and work, 3R acted to improve it whenever possible, earning 3R its White Ribbon in Air Quality. 3R garnered a large amount of points through high participation in the air quality monitoring sessions organized by ROCIS. More than 60% of the team volunteered, monitoring their homes. Additionally, the 3R office space was evaluated. Based on the monitoring results, changes were made in the office and in the homes of 3R employees. Air quality is always a topic of discussion in Pittsburgh. Beyond improving air quality for the team at home and work, 3R is now better equipped to assist clients and the community with air quality improvements

3R has long enjoyed being part of the sustainability community in the southwest PA region, a region that serves as an exemplary example across the country. The team at 3R looks forward to the next challenge, already researching new and creative ways to improve sustainability for its stakeholders, the community, and the environment.

About Sustainable Pittsburgh

Sustainable Pittsburgh is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the policy and practice of sustainable development in southwestern Pennsylvania.

 About 3R

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, 3R Sustainability is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SRI that guides socially-minded organizations through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program planning and implementation. 3R uses an integrated approach to realize sustainability goals that add business value and brand equity. As shareholders, customers, and employees ask more of their organizations and supply chain, 3R is uniquely qualified to integrate initiatives across the organization into a comprehensive CSR program. 3R teams are made up of accredited professionals with backgrounds in business management, consulting, engineering, and assessments with decades of industry experience. Offering a range of CSR services including planning, implementation, program evaluation, report and assurance guidance, and education and training; as well as supplemental services such as, built environment (LEED) consulting and resources for 3rd party verification, 3R tailors a team and solution to an organization’s exact needs. For more information visit or call 724-741-9900.