Webinar Recording: Decarbonization—A Practical Approach to Reducing Your Carbon Emissions

In the second webinar of 3R’s EcoVadis webinar series, 3R energy and decarbonization expert Jason Clark discussed a practical approach to developing and implementing a corporate decarbonization plan, and 3R EcoVadis expert Josh Knupp talked about the impact of decarbonization on EcoVadis assessments.

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5:41 Overview of greenhouse gas emissions
9:24 Why is decarbonization important?
11:57 EcoVadis perspective: Decarbonization
13:14 Where to start with your decarbonization journey
17:53 How to measure success
22:09 Business case: Getting leadership buy-in
31:00 Q&A: How do I reduce energy use when my business is growing?
33:00 Q&A: What are helpful tools and resources to use when starting out?
36:18 Q&A: What are common challenges?
39:25 Q&A: What is EcoVadis expecting as evidence of decarbonization?

3R is an EcoVadis Strategic Training Partner and maintains 20+ EcoVadis Approved Consultants on the team. The 3R team brings value to organizations by guiding them through a holistic discovery process and supporting them through the EcoVadis questionnaire. Strategic Training Partners are uniquely positioned to help businesses assess and improve sustainability performance.