At a Glance Assurance with the WELL Health-Safety Rating Seal

Because of the past year, owners and facilities operators and other roles that require the management of people inside of buildings are becoming familiar with the WELL Health-Safety Rating. Focused on a safe re-entry into spaces in a post-COVID-19 environment, the WELL Health-Safety Rating provides guidance on how to direct efforts and prioritize a commitment to the health and well-being of the people who frequent a space.  Achieving the WELL Health-Safety Rating gives your occupants assurance, at a glance, that your building is among the safest during these times.  

Informed by the innovative WELL Building Standard, over 600 experts from the Task Force on COVID-19 produced the WELL Health-Safety Rating for Facility Operations and Management to help prepare buildings and organizations to protect their people. Beyond the moment, achieving WELL Health-Safety is a stepping stone to an organization’s WELL certification. It also parallels LEED’s Safety First pilot credits which also assist with a building’s safe re-entry plan. 

In addition to our team of LEED AP’s and sustainability and building professionals, 3R is equipped with WELL Performance Testing Agents and WELL APs who are  ready to assist your organization in achieving its immediate and long-term health and safety goals.  

Whether you operate in a new or an existing building, small or large, 3R can best position you to obtain the WELL Health-Safety seal to be publicly displayed on your door. This seal lets the world know that you prioritize air quality, hand hygiene, green cleaning, and emergency prevention and preparedness. Informed by science and backed by experts, achieving the WELL Health-Safety Rating can mean the world to your stakeholders, so don’t go at it alone.  

Contact 3R Sustainability today to learn more about achieving WELL Health-Safety for your space.