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ESG Reporting Services

As an ever increasing amount of an organization’s customers and/or stakeholders are demanding sustainable business operations and transparency, 3R understands that meeting those demands can be a challenge. Many organizations simply do not possess the capacity, resources, or time to determine material impacts, collect and understand data, set goals, and report on all of this.

The consultants at 3R Sustainability are experts in assisting organizations in determining their individualized path to Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) planning and reporting. This path may begin with simply determining the most appropriate metrics, or key performance indicators, to track as they relate to an organization’s industry and operations.

From there, 3R is positioned to help implement tracking and data collection methods, in addition to neatly organizing all materials into the most suitable format for public reporting. 3R works with you along the way to verify that each step of the process aligns with any desired (or most appropriate) reporting framework; to name a few:

3R is committed to standing with the global community that is making ESG its mission and purpose by committing to the same goals and helping other socially-minded companies do the same. In partnership with sister company, SRI Registrar, 3R is a B Corporation, JUST Organization, and UN Global Compact signatory, proving 3R walks the walk, and the 3R Team looks forward to walking with you.

Improve your ESG
Market Rating

Are you bombarded with supplier questionnaires and customer demands? Have you failed to receive credit for the good work your company is doing and found yourself lower on a market rating than you’d like? We’re here to help. 3R can:

  • Help you identify key stakeholders to determine your company’s material impacts
  • Organize your company’s executive, management, and communication teams to develop business goals
  • Create and assist in the implementation of tools to monitor and track progress towards company goals
  • Identify gaps within your company’s policies and/or procedures to better prepare you for any particular rating system
  • Spearhead the creation and/or evolution of your company’s ESG or Sustainability Report

ESG now influence 1 in every 4 dollars spent. Call 3R today, get ahead of the ratings, and outperform your competition.

Realize your ESG Goals with 3R

A well-rounded ESG Plan assures resilience to sustain organizational success through trying times as it also provides business value and brand equity. It shows how your company has contributed to environmental progress, social improvement for the people you engage and communities you serve, and exemplifies responsible and effective corporate governance. When you team with 3R, our ESG experts partner with you to:

  1. Engage stakeholders to determine material impacts, gaps, and opportunities
  2. Establish goals and metrics
  3. Create a plan to capture the opportunities, close the gaps, and track progress
  4. Re-evaluate using feedback loops until the goals are achieved
  5. Celebrate organizational success with all stakeholders

The process is not prescriptive. We work with you to set your goals and help you to decide how to achieve them. Our consultants are continually working with you throughout the process, which is as innovative and partnership-oriented as the goals are themselves.

Set the Standard with a solid ESG Framework

From strategy and implementation to reporting and assurance, there are countless ways to navigate sustainable development for your organization. Adoption of a solid framework will give your ESG Plan the structure it needs to succeed. 3R consultants have experience with globally recognized, proven frameworks for ESG strategy, implementation, reporting, and assurance:

  • The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • The UN Global Compact – Ten (10) Principles
  • ISO 26000 – Corporate Responsibility Management System
  • SASB – Sustainability Accounting Standards Board industry specific standards for CR disciplines
  • GRI – Global Reporting Initiative for ESG
  • AA1000 AccountAbility Principles Standard – Assurance of a Sustainability Management System
  • Supplier Code of Conduct / Ethics
  • CDP – Carbon Disclosure Project & Climate A List – Three (3) Request Areas
  • TCFD – Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures – Four (4) Key Elements

The 3R team will help you determine which framework works best for your organization and overarching goals, then will guide you through planning and implementation, and conduct a program evaluation on a scheduled basis to determine the effectiveness of your ESG program.

Interested in Learning More?

Watch the Executive Overview on Corporate Responsibility below hosted by 3R President and SRI Chief Sustainability Officer, Jana Lake.

U.N. Global Compact Member

3R and its sister company are proud participants in the U.N. Global Compact. This is the world's largest corporate social responsibility initiative with 13,000 corporate participants and other stakeholders in over 170 countries. The U.N. Global Compact and its signatories are deeply invested and enthusiastic about working towards global Sustainable Development Goals by adopting sustainable and socially responsible policies and reporting on their implementation.