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Our team began in 2007 and has been proud to be part of the group of experts providing project review services to GBCI since. After gaining years of green building experience, in 2014, we branded as 3R Sustainability. As 3R, we became a part of global corporate social responsibility initiatives. 3R has grown to provide broader CSR capabilities around its building sustainability practice. We provide corporate social responsibility and built environment consulting services to committed corporations, architects, engineers, developers, and owners.

The 3R Mission

3R consultants are passionate about the environment and are conscious of the impact buildings have on their surroundings. We strive every day to have a positive influence on the people we team with, and projects we contribute to, with the goal of creating exceptional value for our clients and a more sustainable world. We do this by identifying opportunities with the greatest impact and creating an action plan to prioritize sustainable efforts which will reduce energy consumption, improve occupant health and productivity, and increase building asset value.

The Value of 3R

There is a perception that green building/LEED certification is expensive and time consuming, but it doesn’t need to be. By engaging 3R early in your design process, we can help you find savings and offset green building costs, with a goal of being net positive on your budget.

3R’s extensive experience reviewing/evaluating approximately 5,000 green building projects for certification means we know the most efficient, hassle-free path to certification. We’ve seen it all – we have practical experience with design and review of all types of buildings and multiple rating systems – so we know what works and what doesn’t.

While it’s ideal to bring 3R in at the beginning as part of your project team, to get the maximum benefit, we are also known for our ability to “rescue” a project that has veered off-course or is trying to navigate the appeal process. We love a good challenge and have led some amazing turnaround stories.

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