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 About our Company

Our team began in 2007 and has been proud to be part of the group of experts providing project review services to GBCI since. After gaining years of green building experience, in 2014, we branded as 3R Sustainability. As 3R, we became a part of global corporate  responsibility initiatives. 3R has grown to provide broader CR capabilities around its building sustainability practice. We provide corporate responsibility and built environment consulting services to committed businesses, corporations, architects, engineers, developers, and owners.

The 3R Mission

3R consultants are passionate about environments, both natural and physical,  and the people that make up our workforces and communities. We strive every day to have a positive influence on the people we team with, and projects we contribute to, with the goal of creating exceptional value for our clients and a more sustainable world. We do this by identifying opportunities with the greatest impact and creating an action plan to prioritize sustainable efforts which will reduce energy consumption, improve wellness and productivity, and increase value both internally and externally for our clients.

The Value of 3R

3R uses an integrated approach to realize sustainability goals that add business value and brand equity. As shareholders, customers, and employees ask more of their organizations and supply chain, 3R is uniquely qualified to integrate initiatives across the organization into a comprehensive CSR program.

3R teams are made up of accredited professionals with backgrounds in business management, consulting, engineering, and assessments with decades of industry experience. Offering a range of CSR services including planning, implementation, program evaluation, report and assurance guidance, and education and training; as well as supplemental services such as, built environment (LEED) consulting and resources for 3rd party verification, 3R tailors a team and solution to an organization’s exact needs.

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3R Sustainability