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Our expert team brings real value to your business goals.



3R’s team of business solutions experts brings a broad range of knowledge to your business. Our consultants have a deep understanding of their perspective industry having worked within it for many years and train continually on the latest trends and frameworks. They have worked on both the consultancy and verification sides of business, so they know exactly how to help and where the business value truly lies. Our experts can walk you through discovery, goal-setting, and implementation of corporate social responsibility programs and other initiatives. 3R designs a customized team based on your goals.


Our team of mechanical, civil, and environmental engineers can facilitate building improvements, green building certifications, and environmental initiatives a part of your Corporate Responsibility program. With over 50 years of combined experience, our engineers have evaluated over 8000 project phase assessments under the LEED rating system since 2008, including certification of 800 complete projects. Our team of architects, energy modelers, and engineers can help you make your planning decisions in the planning or design phase of a new space, building, plant, or making improvements to an existing built environment.


Assurance is a vital element of sound business solutions. Verification shows your stakeholders you are doing the things you say, and information is accurate. This trust and transparency is essential to the success of your business. 3R is equipped to perform a broad range of audit types depending on your goals. With decades of experience, our resources can evaluate CR program reports against leading standards such as AA1000, SMETA -2 and -4 pillar, SA 8000; built environments or building operations to the LEED standard; and management systems to a large library of ISO standards.

Leadership and support

With a passion for innovative ideas, 3R’s leadership and team drive the industry. Having worked around the globe with internationally recognized companies, the 3R executive team has seen some of the best (and no so great) business solutions out there and have brought forward-thinking ideas to this family-owned business. With sustainability at its core, all decisions at 3R are made with people and planet in mind. Supporting staff is thoroughly trained to programs they support to ensure you receive timely, accurate service. As a smaller firm, all staff, from executive to administrative, have eyes on your project and goals.  

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