American Textile Co

Project Description:

3R partnered with American Textile Company to create it’s 2020 Sustainability Impact Report. American Textile Company is one of the largest bedding manufacturers in the U.S. with product divisions in Retail, eCommerce, Contract Manufacturing, and Hospitality.  

The project consisted of conducting an industry analysis and benchmark assessment of American Textile Company’s current initiatives against industry best practices. Leveraging industry and benchmark insights, 3R helped American Textile Company define and prioritize it’s material topics, metrics and KPIs.

3R collaborated across the organization to create and gather the content and stories to highlight the great work completed by American Textile Company during the reporting year. 3R then worked with the American Textile Marketing Team to ensure report design, tone, and content aligned with American Textile standards. 3R held biweekly meetings with key internal stakeholders.  

Upon project completion, American Textile Company shared the report publicly on their website and internally throughout their company.  

View the Sustainability Impact Report Here


Client Testimonials:

“3R delivered a professional service while being friendly and helpful at all times.”

“Professional, helpful and have the technology to deliver a very nice end product.”

Project Details:

Company Name: 
American Textile Co 

Project Type: 
Sustainability Impact Report 

Company Size:

onsumer Packaged Goods 

July – November 2021 



Sustainability Impact Report