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3R helps venues and teams develop sustainable solutions to improve the environment, create healthy and inclusive events, and add value to the organization. Our team’s experience in the sports industry, including operational event planning and execution, and our expertise in decarbonization and the built environment, make us uniquely positioned to meet the full needs of a sports organization. Our service offerings include:

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Sustainability and ESG

A sustainability strategy helps sports organizations improve operational efficiencies, reduce operating expenses, capitalize on local and federal incentive programs, attract new partnerships, and meet the needs of a new generation of fans. Sustainability programs provide governance mechanisms, risk management, and business continuity processes to add value and ensure the long-term viability of your organization.


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Climate and GHG Services

Sports and events have a bidirectional relationship with the environment, meaning they are impacted by and have impacts on the environment. Therefore, sports and events are not immune from the challenges and risks of climate change, and as an organization works to mitigate their impact on the environment, they must also understand the risks they face due to climate change. As governing bodies and regulatory institutions begin introducing mandatory reporting requirements, sports organizations will need to be prepared to report their own footprints and targeted goal setting. The Climate team at 3R can help a sports organization understand their carbon footprint, identify and develop decarbonization and resource reduction strategies, conduct a climate risk analyses, and create transition plans to support the just transition to a decarbonized economy.


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Built Environment

The built environment is crucial to the sports and event experience. Whether temporary or permanent, identifying strategies for operating a venue that prioritizes health, safety, and sustainability can lead to operational expense savings and benefit an organization’s fans, employees, and local communities . Our team can work with you to understand the impact and benefit of capital expense upgrades to your facility, identify the building certifications right for your venue, guide your organization through the certification process, and help manage building performance after certification. 


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