Royal Eagle Capital


Project Description:

Royal Eagle Capital Partners contacted our team for expertise on a CICERO Second Opinion submission for a $100M Green Bond. The client had difficulty achieving the fulfillment requirement with their own resources, therefore 3R consultants were brought in to develop a green bond program and achieve a rating.

A green bond is a financial instrument in which funding is invested into green initiatives such as, in this client’s case, renewable energy. CICERO Second Opinion is a bond investment framework that determines the “environmental robustness” of a bond request. To achieve a stamp of approval, the intent of how the funding will be used must be clearly defined and the organization must show a commitment to monitoring/measuring the resources.

Working under tight deadlines, 3R’s partnership with Royal Eagle resulted in a Dark Green Rating, the highest rank that CICERO deems a green bond. According to the CICERO website, a Dark Green rating is “allocated to projects and solutions that correspond to the long-term vision of a low carbon and climate resilient future.”

Client Testimonial:

“(3R) helped us secure the first fund ever rated dark green by Cicero. I have no words to articulate our gratitude… many thanks team for your guidance and support.”

– Mark Valdez, Chief Investment Officer

Project Details:

Project Type:
CICERO Second Opinion Submission

$100M Green Bond

May 2021 – July 2021

Green Bond Framework