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LEED Project Certification

The U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® green building program is the preeminent program for the design, construction, maintenance, and operations of high-performance buildings. Learn more at The 3R team provides extensive knowledge of the LEED certification process from registration to certification. Our team has reviewed 5,000+ LEED projects, which has equipped us with the knowledge of how to best achieve project certification, even when the unexpected happens. We have been involved with all building types from schools to airports to multi-million square foot Class A office buildings to multi-family apartments and everything in between.

If LEED isn’t the path best suited for your project our consultants can help determine if another path better meets your needs. The WELL Building Standard® (WELL), Living Building Challenge, LEED Zero, Zero Emissions Buildings, Net Zero Design, Parksmart, TRUE Zero Waste, BREEAM USA In-Use, Green Globes, PassiveHaus, fitwel, and RESET Air are all green building certification options that our consultants can help navigate with your team. Our consultants establish a partnership with your team to define an efficient path to certification while meeting your key project goals.

WELL Building Standard

The WELL Building Standard® (WELL) has changed the way we think about buildings. With human health and well-being at its core, it explores how design, operations, and behaviors can positively affect people, as well as the environment. The average person spends 90% of time indoors. This can have a significant impact on health and well-being depending on the quality of the building this time is spent within.

The WELL Building Standard covers concepts that address not only building design and operation, but also the impact that those concepts have on human health and well-being. The standard uses the latest scientific research and is performance based. 

WELL Health-Safety

As facilities and businesses open back up to patrons and employees, there is a lot to consider. Whether you are a building owner or property manager, one way to make sure all your bases are covered is by implementing a recognized framework from which you can build policies and procedures. The WELL Health-Safety Rating for Facility Operations and Management focuses around operational policies, maintenance protocols, emergency plans and stakeholder education to address a post-COVID-19 environment now and broader health and safety-related issues into the future. A steppingstone, the WELL Health-Safety Rating will prepare you as a first step toward WELL Certification if that is a desired destination in your journey. 

3R’s IWBI-trained WELL AP’s and Testing Agents have the expertise you need to navigate the WELL Standard, the WELL Health-Safety Rating, and through our affiliate company, SRI Registrar, we can conduct WELL Performance Testing for your facility.


BREEAM USA In-Use is a third-party certification system that focuses on building improvement over time in existing buildings. Property investors, owners, managers, occupants, or their agents, initially self-certify, based on topics of material importance to their organization. Then, a follow-up with a licensed Assessor occurs to validate certification in one, or all three, In-Use parts across nine categories. Part 1 focuses on the Asset. Part 2 focuses on Asset management and requires at least one year of energy, water, and waste data. Part 3 focuses on organizational policies and activities. 3R consultants can assist with information gathering and submission.


3R is a GRESB Real Estate Premier Partner, providing in-depth support to GRESB Members – fund managers, companies and asset operators around the globe – to capture ESG performance data and sustainability best practices for financial markets and investors worldwide. Through GRESB, members can standardize ESG data collection, peer benchmark their ESG performance, identify risks and opportunities, and improve investor-manager engagement.  With deep rating system assessment and ESG expertise, 3R can interpret and help align sustainability strategy, policies, and reporting to the GRESB scoring methodology, positioning members to achieve desired outcomes. 

Green Globes

Popular in the US and Canada, the Green Globes rating system is an interactive and flexible certification and assessment program for users that provides information and guidance for the design, operation, and management of green buildings. Through Green Globes, builders can obtain the third-party assessment needed to receive certification and recognition.

Living Building Challenge

The International Living Future Institute (ILFI)’s Living Building Challenge (LBC) is a green building certification program and sustainable design framework that aims to create facilities that are sustainable now AND regenerative in nature and a benefit to all future living things. LBC compliance is based on actual performance metrics – not modeled or projected. The LBC can be applied to new buildings, existing buildings, interiors, and landscapes or infrastructure. ILFI’s LBC does require a JUST labeled organization have an integral role during the design and construction when submitting for Living Certification. In conjunction with its sister company SRI Registrar, A JUST Organization, 3R can act as a sustainability consultant on any LBC project. Call us today!


Parksmart offers parking structure operators an integrated path into urban sustainability by providing a framework that recognizes parking structures that operate with a reduced environmental impact. Parksmart encourages increased energy efficiency, alternative mobility options, and strengthens community relationships. 3R has Parksmart Advisors on staff to help you realize goals that reduce climate impact from transportation.

TRUE Zero Waste

While other waste-reduction measurements focus mainly on recycling trash once it’s reached the post-consumer phase, Total Resource Use and Efficiency (TRUE) Zero Waste works to help minimize trash output from the supply chain all the way down to the curb. TRUE Zero Waste certification evaluates projects across 15 different categories that guide facilities toward a “zero waste” end goal: maximum material efficiency, minimum environmental footprint.

Integrated Process

When including our team in the early stages of pre-design, we will review and understand the owner’s project requirements, then analyze the strategies that support high-performance and cost-effective design.

Pre-submittal LEED
Document Review

As part of our services as your LEED Consultant, or as a stand-alone service, our team can assess all of your completed LEED documentation prior to formal submission to identify any errors or potential issues. With our extensive review experience, we are very familiar with the credit requirements and are able to provide a pre-submittal evaluation in an effort to minimize the number of formal review comments received.


Our expertise and extensive knowledge of the LEED certification process enables us to provide an on-going review of project documentation to ensure a well-coordinated project that is consistently documented across all credits. Well-organized documentation is a key factor for successful certification.

Appeal Review
Documentation Guidance

We understand that the Appeal Review process can be frustrating to a project team and costly, both in time and money. 3R can provide guidance and assist you in resolving any outstanding issues that may be delaying your building’s LEED certification. Our consultants have a great deal of experience in the appeal process and can offer insight and solutions to get your prerequisites and credits awarded.