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Energy Modeling

Our energy modeling experts can evaluate your existing model to assist in resolving issues or they can provide start-to-finish energy modeling for your building projects. Familiar with all of the ASHRAE requirements, if an energy model is required for your LEED project, or you need to meet the International Green Construction Code and California Title 24, our modelers are ready to help.

Our modelers use Energy Modeling tailored to your project’s needs and can simulate multiple options for your building, to determine the cost-effectiveness of a proposed strategy, from mechanical systems to wall construction, or to provide an estimate in the reduction of energy use based on design options or energy efficiency improvements.

Utility Bill Audit

Billing errors and changes in rates and plans can go unnoticed for much longer than they should. This results in over-spending on utility bills. The expert team at 3R will conduct a thorough analysis of your utility/energy invoices to uncover errors and help you discover rate plans that may generate further savings.


With tools like EnergyStar Portfolio Manager, we can determine the energy performance of your building and identify how it compares with similar buildings or with other buildings within your portfolio. This valuable information can assist in establishing trends within your operation and provides a starting point for determining capital improvements aimed at increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy costs.

Commercial Energy Audits

Our energy specialists can provide an energy assessment of your building to identify opportunities to reduce energy use and help reduce your overall carbon footprint.

2030 Districts & Pittsburgh’s Benchmarking Ordinance

Pittsburgh is our home and we are committed to making the city an even better place to call home! 3R can assist you in reporting and reducing your energy and water usage with Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager as a part of the requirements of the benchmarking ordinance for the city of Pittsburgh. The ordinance broadens the voluntary program, known as the Pittsburgh 2030 District, which aims to cut energy and water usage by half by the year 2030.

The gallery of images to the left shows the Pittsburgh 2030 Districts of Downtown and Oakland, that have voluntarily committed to reporting. Buildings that are now required to report include non-residential buildings of 50,000 SF or greater within Pittsburgh city limits. Contact 3R today if you have questions or need assistance reporting!


Arc is a building utilities analysis tool in which buildings can input their data to benchmark themselves and improve performance. Arc is for LEED certified buildings and for projects that are not yet certified but looking to improve sustainability and human health and take steps toward earning LEED certification. Ultimately, Arc will eliminate complexities and barriers that will enable you to make smarter decisions. The 3R team can assist with data input and can help you develop strategies based on performance.

Commissioning (Cx)

The 3R commissioning experts bring years of experience in design, new buildings, and retro commissioning. Our team can verify that your Owner’s Requirements and the Basis of Design are followed to ensure your building performs to the optimum level of your design in either Fundamental Commissioning and Verification or Enhanced Commissioning plans.

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