Happy Holidays from 3R Sustainability

A more sustainable holiday season.

Through our Sustainability Plan, 3R has committed to doing better business, reducing our impact on the environment, and supporting our local community. One way we are contributing to that commitment this season is by opting to send Holiday Greetings via eCards.

eCards are one simple way to reduce the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing and distribution of holiday cards. eCards have a fraction of the environmental impact — 4 grams of carbon dioxide compared to 29 grams for mailed cards.

In lieu of purchasing traditional cards, 3R is pleased to donate the budgeted amount for cards back into the community by supporting local charities dear to our heart.

By reducing our carbon footprint and giving back to the community, it is our hope that we all have a better and brighter Holiday Season this year and for many more to come.

Happy Holidays!
3R Sustainability