LEED Project Series – Part 2

Kicking-off the LEED Certification Process

Check out 3R’s second in a seven part series exploring LEED requirements and planning for a successful LEED project submission. Then, head over to www.SRICourses.com to register for the free upcoming episodes.

Webinar Description

Now that you have decided to pursue LEED certification, the next step is to register and kickoff your project. Assembling your team and identifying your LEED goal early will also help you evaluate choices throughout the certification process with the most impact at the lowest cost.

The decision to pursue LEED certification does not need to be complicated or expensive if your team is proactive and informed. Documenting the sustainable strategies implemented by your project is an important part of LEED certification. Knowing how to efficiently navigate this process will reduce your costs by reducing delays and saving time.

This webinar will walk you through the project documentation and review process from registration to certification, highlighting nuances that are commonly missed or misunderstood across LEED projects as seen by LEED Reviewers.

Learning Objectives

Completion of the webinar series provides attendees with insight and understanding of the following topics:

  • Establishing LEED project details
  • Registering your project and understanding the Minimum Program Requirements
  • Campus and multiple building projects
  • Using LEED Online
  • Documenting your project strategies
  • The LEED review process
  • Resources available moving forward