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May 25, 2017 (Pittsburgh, PA) – The Point at Silver Spring Awarded the First-of-its-Kind LEED Platinum Certification by U.S. Green Building Council

3PointSignR Building Sustainability is proud to congratulate our client, Panco Management, on a first-of-its-kind accomplishment. The Point at Silver Spring, one of Panco’s largest properties, is now the very first LEED® Platinum certified multifamily residential building under version 4 of the LEED® Operation & Maintenance rating system.

Knowing this was an unprecedented goal, Panco began looking for strategic partners with the ability to help it do what had never been done before.  The LEED v4 rating system is a major step forward by the USGBC over its previous versions of the system, so choosing the right partner was critical to Panco’s success.  3R was selected by Panco Management to help it assess the feasibility of its goals, and then implement the changes needed to achieve the rating.

3R conducted a feasibility study of Pantzer Properties’ apartment buildings to understand the potential of achieving LEED certification and return on investment for its buildings.  Seeing both the opportunity to improve the lives of its tenants and realize significant cost savings and tax incentives offered by Maryland, the Point at Silver Spring was chosen by Panco, and 3R was engaged to begin.  3R provided consulting services throughout the LEED implementation process, as well as assistance with documentation and submittal of the project to the GBCI/USGBC for certification.

Property Manager at The Point at Silver Spring, Mary Alice Haft, shared this reaction, “The LEED Platinum certification is a perfect example of the Panco culture of valuing our residents first. We now have over 1,200 people that will live in a healthier, cleaner, safer environment while affording them lower utilities. Our company is all about “forward thinking”!” Ian Berman, Director of Acquisitions & Asset Management for Pantzer Properties, Inc. added, “…The threshold for certification was 80 points, and The Point at Silver Spring actually garnered 83 points for good measure! Along with the property tax credit incentive, our property is now providing significant environmental, social, and marketing benefits.”

The Point at Silver Spring is an apartment complex located in the heart of Silver Spring, Maryland. The town, on the Maryland–D.C. border, is just six miles north of downtown Washington D.C. Recognizing the value of LEED certification, Maryland offers a tax credit that is, in this case, 50% of the property tax owed on the building for 3 years.  The nearly 950,000 ft2 building sits on 3.25 acres of land. Originally built in 1968, with major renovations beginning in 2005 and also in 2012, the 891-unit residential space can house about 1,950 people.

Some of the LEED features at The Point at Silver Spring include:

  • Location & Transportation: The area boasts a walkability score of 92. The Point also has bike facilities to accommodate riders and is in close proximity to public transportation.
  • Sustainable Sites: Native and artificial landscaping was used resulting in a reduction in maintenance. Environmentally-friendly fertilizer, exterior cleaning and ice removal products reduced pollution, and an underground parking facility reduces heat island effect. A reduction in light pollution was also achieved.
  • Water Efficiency: WaterSenes® fixtures were installed and both Indoor and Outdoor Water Reduction Policies were implemented.
  • Energy & Atmosphere: ASHRAE Level I and II audits unveiled areas of improvement that could be realized and Renewable Energy Credits were purchased.
  • Materials & Resources: The Point improved recycling stations and implemented a Solid Waste Management Policy. An Ongoing Purchasing Policy, Green Purchasing Policy, and Facility Maintenance and Renovation Policy ensure all materials and products coming into The Point are sustainable.
  • Indoor Environmental Air Quality: Entryway systems, No-Smoking Policy, Green Cleaning Policy, as well as Indoor Air Quality Management Program for the HVAC system ensure cleaner, healthier air for occupants.

3R sends its congratulations to Panco Management on achieving LEED Platinum certification for The Point at Silver Spring from USGBC. “According to the USGBC database, this is the very first building to achieve certification under v4 of LEED Operations & Maintenance in the Multifamily category. We are proud to have been part of the team that turned The Point into a first-of-its-kind, high-performing building that can now stand tall among other greats,” states Carla Mitchell, 3R Engineering Principal.  “This accomplishment could not have been realized without the vision, commitment, and dedication of the Panco team,” underscores Jana Lake, 3R Business Case Principal.  “Achieving LEED Platinum represents a significant return for Panco Management, its residents, and the community.”

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 About LEED

The U.S. Green Building Council developed the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system in 1994. Since then, it has become the leading program for buildings, homes, and communities to improve environmental and human health during the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of a property.

LEED Operations & Maintenance is the guide for certification for the ongoing operations and maintenance of existing buildings. LEED O+M provides a framework of current best practices to guide building usage reductions of energy, water, and natural resources, while uncovering operating inefficiencies. This rating system helps building owners and managers first discover building issues, then improve building performance. Furthermore, it helps maintain and improve this performance over time. The latest version of LEED, v4, is the most rigorous version to date.