3R Updates Mission, Vision, and Values

Representative of our commitment to continual improvement, 3R has updated its Mission, Vision, and Values to reflect its expanding range of sustainability/ESG and built environment services and its growing and knowledgeable team. We engaged all members across our organization to arrive at these new internal standards by holding both open dialogue sessions, as well as collecting anonymous written input. Providing all employees the opportunity to contribute via multiple channels ensured equal and honest participation. In a world that is constantly changing, these aspirations encompass our goals to be a strong industry leader, a responsible global citizen, and local community advocate. 

We are excited to announce our updated Mission, Vision, and Values. 


3R provides consulting services rooted in science, supported by data, and driven by innovation, education, and continual improvement, delivering full-service sustainability solutions to our clients to achieve material business goals. Our team of experts creates an engaging environment where all our stakeholders can thrive. We are an adaptive firm working on the global scale, with a mission to create a direct, measurable impact on the environment and the companies and communities which we serve that will make our clients ask, “Why would we work with anyone else?” 

3R’s Mission strikes at the core of why we do business. We do our part to build a sustainable future by partnering with our clients to deliver tangible and actionable results based on their needs. We use the most up-to-date industry standards and reporting metrics to guide our clients towards excellence. Doing business with us means meeting your material objectives, while also gaining the comprehension to be sustainability leaders in your own organization. 


Be the partner of choice to help organizations realize the value of sustainability and create a world in which our team members and clients’ employees live and work in an environment that is mutually beneficial for people, the planet, our partners, and profit, now and for generations to come. 

3R’s Vision is to help each of our clients achieve a sustainable business model with strong operations, an ethical supply chain, green facilities, and transparent reporting. We seek to challenge and inspire our employees to be imaginative, innovative, and forward-looking, so we can provide solutions to our clients that offer long-term value and processes that sustain themselves for years after a project is complete. 



Internal: Staying ahead of the latest thinking, refining our strengths, and growing our collective body of knowledge through research, educational sessions, and innovative thinking

External: Meeting our clients where they are on their sustainability journey and working to establish a shared vision with achievable targets and milestones


Internal: Supporting, trusting, and relying on each other while holding one another accountable for actions

External: Providing services that reduce risk and add business value while protecting client data and information


Internal: Communicating openly, honestly, effectively, and inclusively and being responsible to each other by stepping in and stepping up

External: Teaming up with our clients to exceed expectations of project outcomes via open communication pathways and integrative processes


Internal: Working without walls, sharing experiences and knowledge to create a workplace where all employees can contribute and reach their full potential

External: Utilizing advanced and secure communications and data sharing platforms, we collaborate with our clients in such a way that we become an extension of their internal team 

Finally, our Values identify individual areas for the 3R team to focus our energy, so we can better achieve the aspirations laid out in our Mission and Vision. 3R is a people-first company, and our Values highlight the ways in which we prioritize that within the workplace and externally with our clients. 

As 3R experiences unprecedented growth from the increasing importance of sustainability in our society, our Mission, Vision, and Values keep us focused on a centralized goal. Moving forward, we will assess our progress by regularly revisiting this message, so that we can continue to improve our process and best align ourselves with these new standards. 

If you’d like to learn more about our MVV statements or how to effectively update your own, call or email us today at 724-741-9900 or [email protected].